Michael Rebello

Hey, I’m Michael Rebello. I’ve been doing iOS development for over 6 years, and currently work at Lyft. Prior, I started and sold 2 small companies, did some consulting, and built the app for another startup. I live in San Francisco with my wife Milla and our cat Pushkin. This page contains a little bit of my background – feel free to contact me!

Lyft – Senior iOS Engineer | 2016 – Current

I joined the Lyft Line team in 2016 and worked on improving the shared ride experience on their exclusively Swift iOS app for about a year. After this, I switched teams and am now working on infrastructure, analytics, and stability.

ActivityHub – Product & Architecture | 2014 – 2016

In 2014, I joined ActivityHub to build their iOS app and back-end, designed as a calendar application which integrated with several services. A few months later, they acquired my company, Scholastic Connections, and I began leading product development for both initiatives before later closing down Scholastic Connections as the company pivoted towards the enterprise space as a Salesforce partner. My remaining time at ActivityHub was spent leading development on their app (open sourcing part of it), shipping regular releases, and building out their API for 3rd parties.

Flounder Apps – Co-founder | 2013 – 2016

I spent a few years with a co-founder on a company focused on building the game¬†Ambition: Strategy¬†War Game – an iOS app designed as a complex, turn-based strategy game. In addition to writing the majority of the application, I also did some PHP development on our server. This was acquired by another organization in 2016, and they’re still distributing the game.

Scholastic Connections – Founder | 2014 – 2015

I founded Scholastic Connections, a company that partnered with classroom management providers to create an iOS application which provided teachers and families with easy access to their students’ data. In 2014, the company was acquired by ActivityHub, after which the product expanded to Android and grew its userbase before ultimately being shut down when ActivityHub pivoted towards the enterprise space.

Independent Consultant | 2011 – Current

Over the past several years, I have worked on some projects as a consultant for various companies, such as Py and UMA. I’ve also developed a few of my own apps, ranging from productivity applications to small games. Most of these were sold off or removed from the App Store when I switched jobs.